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28 months ago

freshers are better then laterels!

Favour (Yes)

Frehers have more enthusiasm and energy and motivation
Freshers comeup with new inovative ideas to the organization
Freshers not have pre assumptions so they come up and fight the challenges and try to change the things.Whereas the experience people are filled with the preassumpions so they want to tackle things in routine way

Against (No)

Fresher also be needed to get trained from the laterels as experice is also need in the business matters where it to critical for the freshers to take the decision
Laterals have the experience to deal with the situations which could affect the buisness
Laterals had been freshers at some point of time so they have the equal energy and and ideas at past.
Laterals are very important for consistant and smooth running business beacause reinventing the wheel approach has to be used if only freshers will work.


Freshers are very important for junior level where as the laterals needs for the higher level of the project.There should be proper mixed of freshers and laterals for every project.


  28 months ago
freshers r important as well as experience holders.And experience is also important in every field.but i think ,if we dont hire freshers than how can they become laterals after few we should give full chance to the fresher.

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