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  74 months ago

Reward in Toluna! I need help!

I have been here since 9 months but till now I am not getting any clear picture of Toluna. I do not understand in regard of reward 5 months ago I have tried to participate in reward section but my attempt is always failed now I am doubt whether I will ever be reward by Toluna or not.

For 4 months back I have stop in participating survey because of confusion but this time I am giving another chance for toluna so that I could learn more and earn more point to redeem my reward through pay pal if possible. I have checked much toluna review in Google and I found that many of them get reward though it takes time. And the my main question is Toluna do lucky draw for rewarding to the Toluna users whoever has redeem or participate in Reward centre.

I still have question that whether the Toluna is really going reward for me also and am I worth to receive reward I need help friends if anybody has received any gift from Toluna please guide me also so that I could learn more.


  68 months ago
Yes, Toluna is very good site to earn. Complete your interest surveys and you will get surveys to earn points and as soon ass you reach to 20,000 you will get voucher to redeem. Yes it takes time and patience. you want get instant result but don't give up. Reply


  74 months ago
The value of points are higher in other countries. 20,000 Toluna points are worth $10. But this is India, a poor country. Everything has low value. What can we do? Reply


  74 months ago
The first thing you need to know is that Toluna is a legitimate and genuine site. And regarding redemption of points for lucky draws or awards, the contest is for the entire Toluna sites from different countries. So, in the monthly lucky draw, the first winner may be from China, the 2nd winner from Germany and so on. Since Toluna has more than a million members, the chances of you winning a lucky draw is very slim. 100 points is worth only 1 rupee. So in order to reach the redemption limit of PayPal, you need to earn 50000 points or 500 rupees. It will take a long time. But keep trying like everybody else. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner. Reply

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