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  18 months ago

#TolunaLOVE – Topic 1 – The most delicious Valentine’s dinner menu

Hello Toluna Influencers,

Are you good at preparing your meals on special days? Leave your suggestion below by 7th Feb to get 100 bonus points. It could be a romantic recipe of homemade food, or a delicious meal offered by restaurant.

We will pick the top 3 who can get extra 1000 bonus points each. (You need to complete at least 1 survey during Feb to be eligible)

If you want to share food images, try online free image hosting sites, such as:

*Although you can leave comment multiple times, only your first comment will count when it comes to determining the winners.

Keep Influencing Your World,
The Toluna Team


  18 months ago
I'm going to make a reciepie with cinnamon rolls, firstly i bought the type of cinnamon rolls that are rolled not cut outs. After unpack the rolls bring both ends together and pinch the center to form a heart. place in a baking pan. after baking i decorate it deliciously like the pic u see ( , and i bought the red velvet and some hot icecream....hope it makes my valentine's day special.


  18 months ago
I would make mouth watering chocolate lava cake


  18 months ago
I made Red velvet cake and rasgullas for my valentine


  18 months ago
People around me mouth warming with my cooking


  18 months ago
#TolunaLove_ Topic1- I ma not good at preparing food. But yes restaurant with candle light dinner and ala carte menu opiton like soup to dessert is great at valentine day


  18 months ago
sweet dish carrot halwa, hot dish fish curry...


  18 months ago


  18 months ago
Hey Toluna Team,
#TolunaLOVE – Topic 1 – The most delicious Valentine’s dinner menu
Valentine Day is very special which is just a week away. As I am very passionate about baking and cooking so it will be done by me.
To start the evening, I would lay a perfect romantic table for two, set it with lovely coloured mats, lovely romantic roses, candles and an ice bucket.
What would Valentine's Day be without Champagne? For a truly unique and intriguing drink with this favorite sparkling wine, Sweet Eve Sharing Cocktail with strawberries, sugar cubes (optional), elderflower cordial, Campari, Prosecco or champagne. You can add figs and cranberries, ramp up this love potion's intoxicating qualities. Though I do not drink but this occasion is special and calls for a memorable celebration together.
A very delicious meal will be made with Lamb madras with potatoes, a heavenly slow-cooked lamb in a rich Madras curry with spicy potatoes. A perfect meal for a romantic night. Along with this there would be Aromatic Basmati Pulao accompaniments a lovely pomegranate Raita garnished with mint and coriander.
For the roast shoulder of lamb, preheat the oven to 170C/Fan 150C/Gas 3.
Rub the lamb all over with the olive oil any other oil, I prefer olive oil as it is healthier, then season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and set aside for some hours.
This recipe requires a lot of ingredients like spices and spice powders. To make this dish I always use freshly made spices.
To make the curry powder, first dry roast these whole spices . coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves dry grind in a spice grinder to a powder. Stir in the turmeric. This is one spice I always make and store, which I do in small quantities.
Make a paste of chilli, garlic and ginger. Next fry the lamb on all sides, until browned. Remove. Add the onion fry until soft and starting to colour. Add 2½ tbsp of the curry powder, then the garlic, chilli and ginger paste and the curry leaves, cardamom and bay leaves and stir. The curry leaves gives an awesome taste and flavour to this dish.
Add the lamb, cover with the tomatoes, stock and tamarind (tamarind besides adding flavor, it delivers another bonus when its used in a marinade. The fruit's natural acidity helps to tenderize tougher cuts of meats, breaking down the fibers in the meat. If you marinate overnight in a tamarind-tinged liquid, meat becomes succulent and tender) and season with salt and pepper.
You could bake this by placing the lamb for 3-4 hours, basting every hour or so with the juices in the roasting tray, until the meat is very tender and falling off the bone. You could cook it in a pressure cooker too, but the taste will differ. When you slow cook it then all the flavours are infused right within.
Remove the lamb and simmer the liquid until it reduces to make a thick sauce. Using a fork, shred the lamb and add it back to the sauce. This is the best way to have a properly soaked mutton which has all the flavours in it.
For the potatoes, place the potatoes in cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for 5-8 minutes and drain.
Heat a large pan and add the oil. Once hot, add the mustard seeds. When they start popping, add the chilli powder and turmeric, then the potatoes. Take care of your eyes and face while the mustard seeds are popping. Cook for 5-8 minutes, or until the potatoes absorb the spices.
To serve this awesome spicy dish put it on a fancy plate with the potatoes . Garnish with chopped coriander.
For finishing the meal a dessert is called for I will prepare a lovely valentine pretty Pudding Parfaits which are different than baking a cake is very common dessert and I like mine to be something unusual. These are four types of pudding, pink, white chocolate puddings. The end result is so pretty which will woe your valentine for sure. Take some of the chocolate pudding and put it into an empty bowl. Do the same thing with the pink white chocolate pudding. Mix into each of those smaller amounts of the whipped topping. You should now have 4 bowls: one with chocolate pudding, one with pink white chocolate pudding, one with chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping, and one with pink white chocolate pudding mixed with white topping.
Now is the best part to make it look astonishing. Layer the puddings into 4 wine glasses or serving dishes in any order you'd like. Try to spread out and smooth out each layer with the back of a spoon before adding the next layer. Finish with a dollop of cool whip, dividing the remaining 1/3 of the container among all 4 dessert cups.. The cherry on this pudding would be to make chocolate curls by peeling the chocolate bar with a vegetable peeler and garnish the pudding cups with them. Finish it off with some pink or red sugar sprinkles ! I will get special pink and red heart sprinklers! To make a lovely ending or a beginning to a new moment some lovely decadent rich dark heart shaped chocolates.
The most memorable time with you valentine to be remembered always. This is the moment to cherish and spend time with each other and to fall in love once again:) My image link


  18 months ago
I cook myself shahi paneer,dal makhni,veg mushroom pulao,salad and roti for my family.


  18 months ago
because valentine day is a special occasion we need to eat something very special with our partner.So for me i choose to cook a vegetarian plat,vegetarian chili with a bottle of chardonnay her favorite white wine
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