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  18 months ago

#TolunaLOVE – Topic 2 – What is the most romantic/ideal love story for you?

Hello Toluna Influencers,

Talk about your loved ones. Why do you love each other? How and where did you meet?
Share with us your love story below by 14th Feb to get 100 bonus points. You can share your own real experience or use your imagination.

We will pick the top 3 who can get extra 1000 bonus points each. (You need to complete at least 1 survey during Feb to be eligible)

Be creative and Romantic!

*Although you can leave comment multiple times, only your first comment will count when it comes to determining the winners.

Keep Influencing Your World,
The Toluna Team


  18 months ago
my love story is full of ups and downs but its strong enough to overcome all negativity of the situation and circumstances.


  18 months ago
As we are arranged marriage couples so as we started to know each other we started to like each other and fell in love after some time.


  18 months ago
nice.nice.nice.valentine day express our feeling to our valentine.


  18 months ago
My love story started with cute little our childhood and later realized we could not marry anybody else other than us.we enjoyed and still enjoying our presence together.yes we married..!It's been 18 yrs that we started loving...and I hope and should extend to 80 years.Im gifted to have him as my husband.


  18 months ago
my lovestroy is a surprise for me.
we meet through a comments friend.


  18 months ago
He is a guy of shy nature in std. 11 sitting on 2nd bench of the class(2014). They became friend on fb and they talked. Literally it is like she understand things without him saying it. She know what he will say even in chatting also. Now its been 5 yrs. She love him for what he is...his loyalty, honesty, unconditional love, respecting nature, believing in her and many more....Time is passing by with some large bumps but they are still together...for each other in hard time, happily living in present....


  18 months ago
My love story was started with fight and break up but end on love... he saw me in college and started follow me on Instagram after sometime we starte chat on instagram and simple friendship turn into love.


  18 months ago
my love story is quite different becoz we belongs to different states and he is bramhin and myself khastriya jamindar family,we met at our college although in starting we just known to each other but like other friends ,he was from south (kerela),my self from east(odisha).we met during our engineering but nothing special he was just my friend like other friends in college,but during campus we got selected in the same company,there he helped me a lot at the new city during my first job, i felt something for him,he always treated me like my father cares for i can feel very attached to him for his caring nature but he proposed me after 2 years of job,and i said yes,from their side their was no objection but my family was very traditional but he was able convince everyone,and now after 5 years of marriage he takes care of me like my father,love can reduce any distance wheather its cultural or state wise.


  18 months ago
My love story is a kind of very close relationship with a schoolmate who met me later in life on WhatsApp. Start my filling and romantic time
what a fantastic and romantic time
Coming my life. I think this is a god gifted. god gifted me she beautiful girl coming my life........


  18 months ago
My love story is a kind of distant relationship with a schoolmate who met me later in life on Facebook. We just connected with each other instantly but our relationship is very matured one. It is more of an innocent, selfless kind of friendship which will last forever. He is too soft and sensitive yet intelligent and hardworking. His traits makes me admire him a lot. He supports me on every matter including family matters. I haven't seen such a selfless man in my life who would be ready to help everyone in his life. I just wish that God give him more strength to withstand adversities of life.
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