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  20 months ago

Who is the greatest living Indian woman?

Hello Toluna Influencers,

Next month we will be celebrating Women’s History Month, which includes International Women's Day - and we've set out to find the greatest living woman in each country!

To help us with this task, tell us who you think is the greatest living Indian woman of all time. In the comments, post the full name of a living Indian woman who you believe has achieved greatness. We'll compile a list of the top nominees and will post a poll to determine exactly who is the greatest.

Please leave your suggestions below by 11th March 2019.

If you don’t have a suggestion but agree with someone else’s, simply hit the 'Like' button on their comment. The poll will be posted shortly thereafter, and at the end of Women's History Month we will create a video to showcase the amazing women from all around the world!

Please only provide names of Indian women, as members in other countries will contribute their own country's greatest. It can be anyone such as a local community figure, business woman, sporting hero or a celebrity. We look forward to reading your suggestions!

Keep Influencing Your World,
The Toluna Team


  19 months ago
Good morning Toluna Team,
If I have to chose one living Indian whom I find truly inspirational is Chanda Kochhar, it is difficult to chose as we all are women who always believe in always inspiring everyone. She is a Living Inspiration to today’s Women.
Though for me all women who have that believe in them and have that determination is an inspiration, it can be from one’s own family like their mother, or someone else.
The firm believe in yourself is what I like and admire. Chanda Kochhar had a firm belief in her heart and living by her own belief that women in any organization can grow just by their merit and not by special favours and privileges due to their gender – with this attitude and belief in herself Chanda Kochhar has listed herself as one of the 50 most powerful women in business in the Fortune Global 2014 analysis.
She is an inspiration to all of us, this Indian lady is world renowned for her corporate leadership and bold decision making skills, she was the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of the ICICI Bank which is India’s largest privatised financial institution.
She is the leading example of today’s women and her empowerment to make the world a better place to live in. It is surely not easy to do this, but I always feel that nothing in life is impossible, if you set your goals to achieve it with determination and belief.
Here is a little about her and how she encouraged so many. Being an important persona of the core ICICI team she helped the organisation empower its wings and fly at distant skies.
It is amazing to have a vision like her’s which was far beyond the local level. It was she had the courage to keep working hours of the bank be 12 hours whereas rest all brands worked for 7 hours in a day.
She did the most outstanding thing which is that she is one of the few bankers who envisioned the idea of 2000 ATM machine installations throughout India promoting electronic banking in a large scale. ICICI bank received the recognition to be the “Best Retail Bank in India” for the years under her lead. This is the most remarkable achievement.
Her journey started with being a Trainee Management, then she became the Assistant General Manager, and her success continued on to the Deputy General Manager and then the General Manager.
The company honoured her by making her the Deputy Managing Director who proficiently managed the entire corporation and the banking sector of the retail.
She worked hard and ambitiously as the CFO or Chief Finance Officer, JMD or the Joint Managing Director and the official representative and spokesperson for the brand.
Her thoughts are very inspiring for each one of us. An eternal optimist she does not shriek away from challenges. She believes that new entrants cannot disrupt large banks and that competition provides the best value to consumers.
A mother of two, Kochhar efficiently juggles her career with family. She never slacks in her 24-hour schedule and utilises her breathing time to go through mails, telephonic conferences or to catch up on sleep. Her appointment as the head honcho of ICICI is an inspiration for all the women aspiring to make a mark in the corporate world.
She has been awarded a number of times like she was featured in the list of “30 Most Powerful Woman Leaders” in business for eight years continuously. Then she was also featured as the most powerful woman in the Fortune & Forbes and was also awarded with the Padma Vibhushan.
Her journey is a true inspiration for all men and women. She has achieved a perfect balance in between work and home. An optimistic for eternity, she is always up for the challenge and faces criticism fearlessly and with humility.
Women in our country for ages has been struggling to play so many roles in their lives – as mothers, as homemakers, as business women, as innovators and as dreamers to build a nation’s destiny. It is one and only one who can strike the balance of work and home can see the fruits of success and peace in life.
I stand by this inspiration always and it is something which we all possess and we should always work towards our success with a true heart and honesty.
I am proud of my country and proud to be a woman. For me there is no looking back. I respect everyone in this world whether it is a woman or man both are equally inspirational in their own way. Each one of us posses that immense potential within us to be a success in life. Wishing everyone a Happy Woman's Day. :-)


  19 months ago
pratibha patil


  19 months ago
Irom Chanu Shalmila


  19 months ago
Every Women


  19 months ago


  19 months ago
mother India


  19 months ago
Every woman


  19 months ago
Every woman


  19 months ago


  19 months ago
Every woman....
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