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I feel for her - and hope she gets the help she needs - but she is in NO WAY a hero. Before you get to the highest levels of your sport - you simply have to recognize the stress that's going to come along with it. The attention and scrutiny are high - and that goes without saying. However, getting yourself to that level - then quitting - is just plain WRONG to me. In doing so, you've: Taken the slot for an athlete that would love to have been there and given their all. You've used funds raised by the US Olympic team to train, house, feed and even promote you. The TV network (NBC in this case) loses too, having invested money expecting the best. Fans lose too. Imagine if Tom Brady decided - at the dawn of a Super Bowl he's in - that he can't handle the stress.


  2 months ago
WE ALL HAVE OUR BREAKING POINTS IN LIFE...WOMEN JUST SOMETIMES HAVE MORE EMOTIONS OF SHOWING IT! BECOME A WOMAN AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!!! From another women's point of take on life!! Will challenge you to go and do this yourself and give me updated feedback on your defeats! F.Y.I. Wonder if you could handle an attacker like I did in my past life...fought for my LIFE and scared the 'hell' out this male, pretty much biting off his thumb while trying to stop me from screaming HELP!!!! Note: Males...all talk and no action I see from time to time on this site! And let's not compare Tom Brady to Simone Biles....really!!!! Reply


  2 months ago
I fully agree that she is not a hero but do support her decision. Gymnastics is a sport that can be quite dangerous if one is not completely focused. So yes she should go get the necessary help before competing once again. Reply


  2 months ago
When Simone first withdrew, it wasn't made clear what was wrong, and I thought some of the things you mention. But now that we know what's wrong, I totally agree with @pdnr. Simone didn't just quit on a whim. She trained 5 long years to return to the Olympics and she has always handled the stress and pressure of world-class competition. I think what has happened is that after she got to Tokyo and started competing, the pressure got to her and affected her brain. She's not able to do her complicated physical skills because her brain isn't working in sync with her body. They've explained that she has lost her "air awareness" and can't do the twisting and tumbling in a safe way. She withdrew from the team competition in support of the team, to give them a better chance at winning a medal, because she knew her performance would be sub-par and she might injure herself. She has now withdrawn from some of the individual competitions again because she might severely injure herself. I'm glad she realized heroic would it be for her to compete and then break her neck and become paralyzed? This isn't just anxiety, it's something she's not able to control enough to compete. I don't think this makes her a hero. As @pdnr said, the term "hero" is used way too much now and has lost its true meaning. But I support Simone's decision, and it's just really sad for her and for the team that this happened at the Olympics. Reply


  2 months ago
I respectfully disagree with everything you said. I support her withdrawal and I applaud her for putting her mental health first. Olympic athletes start at a very young age and are under a lot of stress to be the best and not let their family and their country down. I'm sure she did not make this decision lightly. She is a brave young woman, she is not a machine. Humanity first, everything else second. Reply


  2 months ago
I wouldn't compare it to Tom Brady withdrawing from the Super Bowl but rather I would compare it to an Olympic downhill skier traveling 90 mph who isn't able to focus on what he or she is doing. Gymnastics is a dangerous sport if you don't have your full concentration. Simone would be endangering her life, possibly breaking her neck, if she participated without being able to focus so I support her decision to withdraw. However, I would not call her a hero. Hero is a much overused word today that is losing it's true meaning. A hero is someone who endangers his or her life in order to save another person. Reply

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