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  29 days ago

US Postal Service to purposely slow down first-class mail service starting October 1

Supposedly to reduce debt, the US Postal Service will be slowing down first-class mail starting October 1. The existing first-class one- to three-day service standards will slow to one-to-five days. This follows their raising the price of a first-class stamp from 55 cents to 58 cents on August 29. What's wrong with this picture??

Most US mail that I get is junk mail...and I think the bulk, pre-sorted mail gets the lowest postal rate available. So the USPS is raising the price for the rest of us and reducing the wonder people avoid mailing things these days. The US mail service has gotten so much worse in the past couple of years...some of that may be explained by the pandemic, but a lot of it was due to policies put in place by the Postmaster General. I know our current President has a lot on his plate and many issues with a much higher priority, but I think he needs to look for a new Postmaster General.


  26 days ago
Great comments, everyone...really appreciate them. I'll give you another example of poor service. I subscribe to two weekly magazines. I used to get both of them on Fridays. Then, one was delivered on Saturdays. Then, Monday. A week ago, I didn't get one of the magazines. I waited till Wednesday of the following week, then called customer service at the magazine. They extended my subscription by one week and told me if I didn't get the magazine by Tuesdays, that means something happened. Then lo and behold.....I get the magazine on Friday! A whole week past due! And the next day, I got both magazines for the current week on Saturday. Eye-roll!


  28 days ago
Couldn’t have said it better except that the post office is a civil service job which means it’s hard to fire people even when they deserve it. They’re overpaid and don’t care about doing the job right. I know from friends of mine that work for the USPS that it’s mismanaged by people who have no compassion or understanding of the personal issues their employees may have. For instance they hire plenty of veterans with PTSD and they get tired of getting talked down to.


  28 days ago
They're working hard to earn their nickname, the U. S. Snail. Why is it so bad? It's a government service, and probably the best one the Federal government runs. Which would you rather deal with? the Post Office? the IRS? BATF? ICE? At least, the USPS is not there to hurt you or give you a lot of red tape.
If you want to send something and get it there, E-mail is great, and on-line messaging can't be beat, although IM's are 'way too short for some things. UPS and FedEx are great for packages.


  29 days ago
I so agree, there needs to be a new Postmaster General put in place by our president. A lot of issues will be solved after that.


  29 days ago
We don't have mail delivery on Friday anymore.


  29 days ago
We've had a few times this summer that mail wasn't delivered at all for a period of days, the worst being a full week without us or any of our neighbors getting mail. About two or three other times it was three days without mail and sometimes we go a day without mail delivery. You can't get through to USPS by phone but I did report the missing mail on the Informed Delivery email I get every day.
When my husband met the mail carrier at the mailbox on the first day following the week we went without mail, she said she had been on vacation and they were short staffed. You would think they would have had another mail carrier skip delivery on his or her route one or two days and at least deliver our mail a couple of times that week.
So how much slower can they get?


  29 days ago
Some survey sites send hard copy plastic gift cards' so this is real unfair when I am anticipating a gift card from them.


  29 days ago
Can they slow it down any more? lol.

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