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63 months ago

Why has education become business these days?

I feel that its because of the budget and corruped officials..


  63 months ago
Because of parents and politicians. Everyone should think to give a skilled person for the society. MBBS qualification will not save the life of a person , Doctor should have the skill to identify the patents dieases and treat him with correct medication to save the life. but now a days money is everything and it gives way for everything . The students have to the mind set my parents will get me seat in good college for a good course with the money they have , why they want to waste their time and in studying the subjects and gain knowledge.


  63 months ago
honestly speaking education has become a business right now, wherever you go for higher study there is a huge amount of fees involved in it. education has become a luxury in our country. it can mostly be availed by the rich section.Yes,education has become business which media says quite commonly.....
but it is nothing wrong to do business but the problem is with the institutions that do no justice and provide poor facilities.yes almost you are right today life all the institute opens just for making the money not to provide the good skill to the students to digest all the money and not providing good quality instruments in there labs. so it is our duty to choose such institute which will provide the study .

sukumaran menon

  63 months ago
Education institutions need to riase funds. There are various expendture while running an institution. The money is collected through fees, donations
and some other means. We can say it is a way of doing business but to get
best education and facilities one has to provide the funds as well.

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