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59 months ago

Is India prepared well to fight natural disasters?

In view of recent hit of tsunami at Japan, their strengths against disasters came out markably in their building design norms, follow up of standards in prevention of nuclear rediation and many more. Do we have similar standards and mechanism to safe guard us in a disaster?


  59 months ago
No India is not very prepared of the natural disasters beacause our history is seeing us that how much India prepared well to fight natural disasters.
Befor some year in india have many natural desasters but he is not to fight well to the natural disasters.
For Example some month ago our landing onion are distory for the natural disasters the onion are not came to the market if came so very costly and very pepole had not purchase the onion.
And also gas disasters is the good example this how many pepole are dath in the some day.
and swine floo,bird floo,etc.

chandan singh

  59 months ago
yes we have the similar strength to come out of disaster . Indian economy is growing and technology in india is growing very fast . Indian state is not built on unified nationalism, but on the embrace of pluralism.I believe India can become a super-power. It already is in the path of becoming one. For e.g., our PM was the first official guest of the President of the World's most powerful country.
There are undoubtedly a lot of constraints that is hindering our progress. The Indian Constitution for one example. These decades old law, copied from the British Constitution should change. There should be quick and radical police reforms. Infrastructure, which is a bane right now should be prioritized by the GOI so that cities can be made more livable. New cities should be created with world class infrastructure. People living in rural areas should be given benefits in the form of easy finance and power. More public-private-govt. partneships should be encouraged. And a lot more.
I definitely am seeing changes even though they are very minute and the rate of progress is slow. But I believe, India is on her way to a big transformation.


  59 months ago
No. Not yet, India is not capable yet to face any natural disasters. When Indin faced Tsunami last time in the southern part of India. Indin tried to recover in short time. But India didnt take any lesson. India, should not allow to establish towns nearby the sea, and should be installed alter systems. But dont yet installed. Special force should be appointed, means rescute teams should be appointed, but not yet, There are no special ships to save the life of people. India can take sattelite support but they cant. So many reasons behind it, that India is unable to save them from natural disaster like tsunami

  59 months ago
yes i think we are now ablw to fight against this kind of natural calamities and yes we are prepaired for it.we can say that .i think as well i know we dont have to get afrad of this kind of tsunami i think we will never have this kind of thing in India . so we really should not panic for this kind of thing and we must not spread the rumors in public and i am telling once again that please

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