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55 months ago

why money does matter in our life ?

i think that in today daily life if you are the person which have more money is considered as king of society.Everyone do spent their whole life in earning.Manyone are not so lucky and they died in the struggle of earning money obviously middle level person suffer in every aspect of life.Today it is become a common trend of make money by cheating others.They do offer many things but set a borderline of money.In the modern era if you are successful in making fool of other then you will be the succesor otherwise loser...


  55 months ago
O dinheiro é muito bom e pode resolver vários problemas cotidianos, dinheiro é energia e sem ela não fazemos nada nessa vida!! Muitos associam o dinheiro a algo ruim, algo que não combina com saude e felicidade, não sei porque esse pensamento!!!


  55 months ago
Money originally started out as a commodity. Originally, there was no such thing as money, there were only commodities and people exchanged them according to their wants and needs with one another.
Money has to fulfill three things:
1. It is a medium of exchange.
2. It is a store of value.
3. It is a unit of account.
All over the world, different commodities emerged to play a role as an acceptable medium of exchange . We commonly think only of gold and silver, but there were others. On the small group of South Pacific islands of Yap, large stones were used. Cowrie sea shells were used in America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Wampum shells became legal tender in Massachusetts in 1637 for trade with the natives. Tobacco was used in colonial Virginia. Salt was used as a currency in pre-coinage European societies. (The word salary actually derives its meaning from the Latin word salarium which means salt).
What was it that these particular commodities had in common? First off, they were relatively rare in the locales they were used. If we look at history we can see that those people who used a plentiful commodities for money were easily exploited.

  55 months ago
from the long time ago we can easily see we can over come our problems which caused disturbance in our lovable life ...

kaustubh ahirrao

  55 months ago
from childhood we see my parent strugle because of the money..i see the person having more money has respect in the society,so because of respect and our life style moey is important


  55 months ago
killer thought. i really appreciate this because it is the one storY thaTwe Avoid iN daILylife.IF u want To compare urseLF do compare witH POOR PEOPLe hOw TheY EnjOY thEIr Life....

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