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Hi People....22nd Sept is Bill aka Idahopatriot's B'day.....Have a great week:) 4 days ago


Hello PINKTROLL I have returned to my sanctuary and recuperating. Yes you were correct. I have been going thru a very difficult, turbulent put it politely .. I have truly had a Season in the Abyss and almost stayed there. Major illness, brutal medical procedure. physical problems and an attempt on my life. Seriously. I can’t talk about it for now but it’s being dealt with. I’m ok. Just very sore what I can say Skull cracked in 3 places a dislocated shoulder and bruised ribs.i was hit with something very sharp in the chest right below the neck and on the knees. Sadly this is nothing new for me. I’ve dealt with violence that’s even worse a very very very long time ago when I was young. In my weakened state they failed to get rid of me. Found out the hard way I may be vulnerable at times, but I’m not delicate or fragile. The only thing they did was piss off a 6 foot 8 375lbs giant. That set a fire inside me. It’s being dealt with But I will not let my anger cloud my better judgement. . the medical procedure results take weeks to to show itself. But seems to be working. Genetic material is injected into Bone Marrow. (That’s only part of it)Science that’s light years ahead of what your kind has, but can only be administered with brutal dark ages technology. I’m going to stop babbling now. I hope you are doing waaaay better than me. I want you to know I humbled and honored to have your moral support and respect not something I’m used too but greatly appreciated. Peace . 6 days ago

kavita710 6 months ago


Hi People...its Binita's B'day tomorrow on 6th Dec....Have a fantastic weekend:) 9 months ago


Hi Pink......Happy Thanksgiving .....God Bless:) 10 months ago


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